Monday, 22 April 2013

Dreams And Chocolate.

"Just a little bit.." She said, "Just a little little bit."

 He glanced up at her quickly, prepared to argue about company policy and determined portions and all the chocolate cake rules in the manual "We don't give 'little bits'". But on second thought, his sister had red hair too, and he'd just as soon not mess with a red head, you never knew with them. Besides, she was obviously in a hurry. As he lifted the cover to the 'chocolate fudge supreme' he noticed her white fingers tapping nervously on the counter and the backward glances she threw at the window every couple seconds. She was expecting someone probably. "She really only half sees me." He thought. "How nice it would be to have someone as.. beautiful as that really see you. Like really see you, and notice you as a person and actually care to say "hello" and maybe even want to get to know you. A quiet freshman at the cheep community college with a couple dollars in his bank account and only dreams to build his life upon. Dreams and slices of chocolate..."

 And then it all happened so quickly, his fingers fumbled a little as he hurried and the 'little' chocolate slice that had one moment been on the plate was the next toppling to the floor, brushing against his customer's white dress and staining it. A stifled little scream sliced the air and he hurried to bend over and clean up the mess.

"I, I'm so sorry ma'am. I didn't mean to.."

 But she didn't even hear him. He glanced up and she was half way to the door, running frantically.

  "I'm sorry!"

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